Athena Music Camp

Dear MBDA Members,
Happy summer to all of you! Below is a reminder of an outstanding opportunity for your female students.

Athena is a five-day, comprehensive music camp experience for middle and high school girls that emphasizes musicianship, leadership, and team-building skills.

  • All Girls Orchestra & Band
  • All Female Faculty of Professional Music Educators
  • Master Classes & Chamber Music
  • Music Theory & Conducting
  • Leadership & Empowerment Seminars
  • Special Guest Performances
  • Fun Recreational Activities
  • The Experience of a Lifetime!

Flyer for July 22-26 Athena Camp

Please help us get the word out about this year's camp! Forward this information to a friend or share on social media!


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Halloween Safety

You can keep your pet safe this Halloween by being mindful of F.E.A.R.: food, environment, attire and recovery.

Food. Many of the foods associated with Halloween are toxic to pets, especially chocolate and anything sweetened with xylitol. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromide that is deadly to both dogs and cats and is more concentrated the darker the chocolate is. Xylitol has been proven to be deadly to dogs. The risk to cats is not firmly established, but why chance it? Keep all candy out of reach.

Environment. Keep all animals inside and provide a safe, stress-free place where they can while away the holiday free of all the commotion and any potential dangers. It is best to walk your dog early in the evening, preferably before the trick-or-treating begins and then retire all pets to their safe haven at least 30 minutes before you expect any trick-or-treaters.

Attire. Know whether your furry friend enjoys participating in the festivities in costume or in his "birthday suit" and let him celebrate accordingly. If he'll be dressing up, make sure the costume does not restrict movement or vision and that there are no loose or small parts that could be ingested.

Recovery. Have a plan in place in case your pet becomes sick or injured this holiday. Our emergency number is a good start. And it's always a good idea to ensure your pet has up-to-date ID, in the form of a collar and tag and microchip, just in case he gets lost.

With a little bit of planning and foresight, you can ensure your Halloween celebrations only spook those they should. Have a safe and happy Halloween!