State Honor Band Audition Directions


State Honor Band Submission Checklist & Directions


The State Honor Band Audition is open from December 5 - December 13 at 10 pm.

You will need:

🙿 Individual MP3 files for each student auditioning for State Honor Jazz Band (m4a, .wav will not work - files must be .mp3)

🙿 An active MBDA membership (Must be current to submit students. Membership must be renewed by November 1, 2019)


Directions below:


1. Log into your MBDA Band Director Account. Only band directors are eligible to submit auditions. If you are a parent or student, please inquire with your director.


2. Fill out the "SHB Nomination Form" for your students. You will find this when logged in,  under Members Area. You will not be able to submit auditions until you complete this step. Upon submitting your nomination, you'll receive an email for each nomination - at the bottom of this email is a code, which you will need to submit your student’s audition files, as well as use for audition payment.


3. Submit mp3 files for your students' auditions by selecting “Audition Submissions”, If you do not see a link for Audition Submissions, ensure that your dues were current on Nov. 1, 2019.


a. Tap Make a Submission:


b. Choose which band you want to submit files to:

choose band

c. Fill out all information and upload each of your mp3 files. For Student's Rank, enter the student's ranking amidst the auditions you are submitting. i.e. if you have 5 students to submit, and this is your highest performer, you would enter 1 of 5.

d. Tap submit

e. You can listen to any of your students' file by selected either Honor Band Grades 6-8 or Honor Bands Grades 9-10 underneath "My Submitted MP3's"




4. Double check your files, making sure you've included the correct files for each student. If you discover an error, please email


5. Provide students the submission code to make their payment for the audition submission. Payments can be made here: Payments can be made through December 16, 2019 for the SHB Audition window.



Audition Questions?


State Honor Band questions? Email Christopher Gough(6-8) or Matt Bauer (9-10) at

Questions about technical difficulties, or something working unexpectedly? Email